Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Engaged!

On Stacey's real birthday i took her up to Pineview for a birthday picnic on the point of anderson cove looking off into Ogden Canyon.. One of my favorite places to be! And there i asked her to be my wife! Its official ladies and gentleman Sniggadu Beyer is off the market! She is mine forever!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Early Birthday

It is Stacey's Birthday this Thursday (the 12th) but since it's fathers day this weekend i decided to throw her a little party last friday. It was lots of fun! We went to Chili's and then just to party at my house! Stay tuned on Her blog to see what was in these beautifully wrapped boxes! :)

I Learned A New Trick!

Fun Dates With My Sniggerdu

4-Wheelin' Up Farmington Canyon! With Chris and Nichole.

This is at the Top of the Mountain! it was beautiful up there! We are planning on going camping on this very spot sometime soon.. Who's in?

Dang she looks good in the Slug Bug!

Turkey Inchelada from The Rainbow Gardens! UMMMM They are GOOD!!


Good Form Sniggerzz! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jump Jump Jump Around! Everybody Jump!

If you wanna See these pictures better click on the little circle thing on the bottom right, then click the picture next to where it says john, click the album, and click slideshow.. They are kinda small.. sorry about that..

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Getting the rundown from Chris.

Sniggadu cruisin' down Wasatch BLVD!

Drive-Thru @ Wendy's

Inside McDognalds!

Drive up ATM doubles Style!

Aren't we just the cutest Segwayers ever?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Carson Niederhauser

Carson is now a blogger and has a bogspot, he is in my links, check it!

Max is on the Loose!

I got Max all ready for the year this week and got him out into the lake where he belongs! Pineview is a beautiful sight this year! It is all the way full for once! And its already warm enough to ride without a wet suit too! I de-winterized it myself with Carson, and his dads help! which i am proud of! So whenever any of you are ready to get out on the lake don't be shy, i'm always down to go!

Loving Our New Tower

This Is Ashley. She lives in Mt. Green. For those of you who don't know Mt. Green is the town you travel through right before you head up Trappers Loop to Pineview. She has lived there her whole life and drives by Pineview everyday to work at Wolf Creek golf course. This is the first time that she has ever been in the lake! THE FIRST TIME! ha ha crazy right?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Stewart's

My good Buddy and former roommate in Cottonwood, Joshua Stewart got married last saturday. It was a fun wedding to be able to see it all go down..

Brown, Johnny, and Van where his Groomsman, They looked sharp!

Jeff, Lauren, Lars, Carson and myself in our little pew getting ready to see our friend be Officially Married!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Sitters

This weekend Stacey and i went over to my sister Jill's house Friday night and slept over, because her and Jared were leaving early Saturday morning to Frorida for a cruise! So Sniggadu and i played The baby sitters! It was fun. We were lucky to get them on a Saturday and only the first day their parents had left because they were all so good! even the baby, she didn't cry once!

Stace played with Brooklyn for the most part! (she says little girls are her specialty!) ha ha

And i Played With the boys! we played Baseball, rode this awesome motorcycle,went to arctic circle, went skateboarding, and flew kites!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blast From The Past!

I plugged in my external hard drive and picked some of my favorite pictures and memories from the past two years!


I finally got CS3!!! I took a lot of pictures in RAW format with my big camera and haven't really been able to do much with them because i needed CS3! so it is nice that i finally have it! Aren't the new pictures of stacey on my side bar just so darling?? :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sullivan Heward, My crazy talented friend, Constructed this amazing tower on our boat on Saturday! I asked him if he would do it a long time ago knowing he was good at welding and such. But i had no idea he was this good! The amazing thing is, he had never seen our boat before, but he had all the metal and pre-drilled holes and all this stuff ready for it, and everything worked out perfectly! He just had a vision and ran with it. (keep in mind this is the first tower he has ever built before!) I am really excited about how it turned out and stoked to get this puppy out on the lake! THANKS SULLY!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I didn't even realize it was April Fools day. but Stace didn't forget! She called me up on her way to may house and told me that she has a tire blow out on highway 89. and that she needed help putting a spare tire on her car for her! So i go get some warm clothes on and get ready to go out to help her, and to my surprise! I had a big banner taped on my truck that said APRIL FOOLS! and had a little poem next to it with a clue... so i had to read the clue that said to check by the front door, on the front door there was a bunch of good snacks! and another clue. that clue said to go to the mailbox. There i found a 12 pack of my favorite!, Mt. Dew.. and there was another clue that led me to the back yard where i found this little stick figure girl that is supposed to be Snigggerdu! ha ha and there was a whole bunch of treats. Stace was hiding back there too! I have the best girlfriend in the whole world! yeah you would expect to have a prank pulled on ya on April fools, but for her to go all out and have to prepare all these things and get all of it ready and for Stacey to do all of that outside in the cold! Thats a big deal! I am s lucky dude to have her! THANKS STACE!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Which One?

Nissan Titan

Toyota Tundra

One of these days i will sell my tacoma and i will get into one of these two trucks! i am torn and go back and forth on which one i want to get.. which one do you think i should get.. Everyone respond! Most likely i will be getting a truck just similar to these two, not these exact ones.. but imagine them both with black 20 inch rims on them because i think thats what i want.

Can't Wait!!!

i just can't wait for the sun to start shining more and more so that we can get that beautiful 88' Maxum out! This period when snowboarding isn't that sweet, and its still too cold to get the boat out on the water is just rude i think! Plus the skate parks are normally rained on or lightly snowed on around this time!! i hate it! just get warm already!

Monday, March 31, 2008


The easter Egg hunt at stacey's house was pretty neat! Her mom puts out a "prize egg" and guess who sniffed it out??? yep yours truly! the prize egg was $50 and then there was some 20's 10's 5's and lots of ones! between Stacey and i we got $111 and a $20 gift card to Robintiono's!

Lucy apparently got to all the Easter eggs before the rest of us! ha ha she might be the chunkiest baby of all time in this picture!

The Easter Bunny left a basket at my house for a Sniggadu!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Luke & Holly's Wedding!

Saturday night Sniggadu and i were invited to our friends, Luke and Holly's wedding, at the Hidden Valley Country Club.. and let me tell you it is very hidden too! It was a very nice wedding dinner with a 3 course meal that was delicious! and they had a bar tender serving sodas too which of course i enjoyed! it was a fun night dining in our nice clothes with friends!

Monday, February 25, 2008


We Went Jeepin in Sara's Jeep. It wasn't me that got it stuck i promise! :)

We want this Boat!

This Is the brand new Malibu Wakesetter.. its amazing and we want it. Stacey and i went to the boat show on friday night with our friends Chris and Nicole.. I need to find out how i'm going to make millions of dollars so i can buy one!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gotta Get Fit!

i just joined a Gym for the first time in my whole life! Other than the few months i worked at 24 hour fitness i have never had an official gym pass! We'll see how it goes...

She's The BEST!

So my Parents have been on vacation to St. George.. Therefore i have been eating food from the freezer for a week! Sniggadu, the nice girl she is went and bought a bunch of groceries and made me the best dinner!